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    Worst parents ever

    Can you imagine the worst parents? Imagine this!

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-09-08
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    Sunset Silhouettes on the Beach

    Brazilian photographer Isac Goulart specializes in taking photos of stunning silhouettes on the beach

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-09-06
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    Dream house in Australia

    A luxury accommodation located on the Bouddi Peninsula. Its stunning pool and deck, accented by a natural tree practically growing out through the middle, is gorgeous.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-09-05
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    The Sensational Grace Hotel, Santorini Islands

    This 5-star, luxury boutique hotel with branches in the world’s most desirable destinations, looks amazing combined with the backdrop of the beautiful, blue and white Santorini islands, the southernmost islands of the Cyclades.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-08-31
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    Fascinating Opera Houses Interiors Photographed by David Leventi

    That is the effect these opera houses had on photographer David Leventi, whose collection of snapshots capture the grandeur of it all. Perhaps the color palettes, gold-gilded ceilings and ostentatious balconettes, may inspire our audience as...

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